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Vonage Raises More VC

Can someone explain to me how Vonage manages to raise an addition US$105 million in venture capital? Each time this company convinces investors to pony up more cash, you have to be impressed by the selling powers of Vonage CEO … Continue reading

Bill Owens' First 100 Days

When Bill Owens took the helm of Nortel in late-April, you knew he had a number of huge challenges ahead. A little more than 100 days later, you have to give him credit for taking dramatic moves to re-invent the … Continue reading

Ultra-fast DSL

If the folks at the University of Toronto and Carleton University are onto something, DSL at 400 to 500 megabytes/second could be on the horizon. According to an article in the latest issue of Nano Letters, a scientific journal, DSL … Continue reading

Wireless Spam Gets Spiked

In what can only be regarded as a much-needed and logical move, the Federal Communications Commission approved rules earlier this week banning companies from sending spam to wireless devices without consent from the person receiving it. The decision should hopefully … Continue reading

Google's IPO

There has been plenty written about the proposed of Google's impending IPO but what about the company's ability to continue its stature as the Web's ultimate search engine? There have been many proponents – including myself – that there are … Continue reading

Nokia's Troubles

A little while ago, I talked about how Nokia was struggling to keep up with rivals such as Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Research in Motion. Nokia's poor second-quarter results suggest the Finnish giant has yet to get a handle … Continue reading