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RIM's New Device

You have to be intrigued by the launch of Research in Motion's new handheld device, the 7100T. Looking more like a phone than an e-mail device, it offers many of the features loved by the Crackberry crowd, but does away … Continue reading

Owens Meets with Analysts

Looks like Nortel CEO Bill Owens is making the rounds with the analyst community these days. The folks at UBS Warburg came away with a somewhat muted reaction. While UBS believes Nortel is now pursuing a larger addressable market by … Continue reading

Nortel's Accounting Woes…Part CCXXVII

You have to wonder about the magnitude of Nortel's restatement efforts in wake of the company's decision today to delay the release of its financial results for the past six quarters until next month. Nortel claims the delay is due … Continue reading

VOIP Hype Alive & Well

For those who were concerned the buzz about VOIP was beginning to wane, fear not. The fine folks at the Yankee Group issued a bubbly report earlier this week that forecasts there will be 17.5 million U.S. households with Internet … Continue reading

Microsoft Has Lost its Mojo

You really have to wonder whether Microsoft has any sense of strategic momentum given its decision to delay the release of its new operating system, Longhorn, until early-2006. Even when it does come out, Longhorn will be a minor upgrade … Continue reading

Frank Dunn's John Roth Obsession

For the past few months, I've been a little sympathetic about ex-Nortel CEO Frank Dunn and his senior management team – believing they did yeoman's work bringing the company back to health before they were fired in April for reasons … Continue reading