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Nortel's Credibilty Issues

In the past five months (sincel CEO Frank Dunn and CFO Doug Beatty were fired), Nortel has been trying to restore its credibility. Bringing in ex-U.S. Admiral Bill Owens was seen as a necessary move in this direction despite his … Continue reading

Telecom's Tough Times

As Nortel Networks CEO Bill Owens continues to tell investors and analysts the company – among other things – can be competitive with Asian rivals and emerge from its troubling accounting scandals, it is important to remember the realities of … Continue reading

RIM's 7100T – Reality Starts to Hit Home

In the wake of the rave reviews for Research in Motion's new 7100T wireless device, some sober thought is being given about its potential impact with consumers. The 7100T is RIM's boldest move to produce more of a telephone-like product, … Continue reading

Microcell's Future

Now that Rogers Communications Inc. has spent nearly $2-billion to acquire AT&T Corp.'s 34% stake in Rogers Wireless Inc., where does that leave Microcell Telecommunications. It now seems rather unlikely Rogers would make a run at Microcell, which has been … Continue reading

Broadband Prices Tumbling

Some interesting data came out this week from TeleGeography, which reported that prices paid by large corporations and ISPs to access the Internet at ultra-high speeds has dropped sharply in the last year. TeleGeography says the average price for a … Continue reading

More Cuts at Nortel

How far will Nortel go when it comes to reducing operating expenses? That's the $64,000 question – or perhaps the US$10-billion question given Nortel's annual sales – after CEO Bill Owens said yesterday that he wants to reduce operating costs … Continue reading