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Confessions of an Internet Junkie

As almost four months of parental leave come to a bittersweet end, it is probably time to come clean about something quite troubling: I'm an Internet junkie. It has been obvious for years that something was terribly wrong. The symptoms … Continue reading

Allstream's VOIP wholesale business

It will be interesting to see how Allstream fares with the launch of its residential IP telephony service, which is aimed at small and larger service providers. Basically, Allstream has come out with a la carte residential telephony services, and … Continue reading

As the Nortel Turns…New CTO

Nortel's drive to re-invent itself has taken another turn with news that CTO Greg Mumford is leaving. He'll be replaced by long-term Nortel executive Brian McFadden, who was heading up the company's struggling optical unit. There has been speculation Nortel … Continue reading

Research in Motion's Q2

Research in Motion's Q2 results were solidly boring – they showed growth and met the lofty expectations of analysts. Sales, profits and subscriber growth were what you might expected from a high-flying company whose technology is beginning to move into … Continue reading

Vonage Drops its Prices…Again

Looks like Vonage is starting to feel the heat amid news it is dropping prices by US$5 to US$25 for its premium plan. Vonage's move was matched by AT&T Corp., which made Internet telephony a priority after announcing plans in … Continue reading

Can Owens Save Nortel?

When Nortel Networks Corp. fired three senior executives in April, including CEO Frank Dunn, it was supposed to be the start of a much-needed healing process. Instead, Nortel finds itself with a board under pressure from institutional investors; rivals that … Continue reading