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More Trouble for Telcos

If telecom carriers didn't have enough problems, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules earlier this week that will let eletrical utilities provide high-speed Internet access services. This is very troubling news for carriers – and cable companies, for that matter … Continue reading

Cisco vs. The Nuns

At a time when corporate governance is in the spotlight, you have to love the efforts of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, who want Cisco Systems' to reviews its executive compensation policy. The Sisters, who … Continue reading

Vonage Wants Street Cred

In an attempt to drive deeper into the consumer market, Vonage is holding a press conference tomorrow with Intrado and the State of Rhode Island to talk about E911 service. Now, I'm not sure how much clout Intrado and Rhode … Continue reading

Bell's VDSL Threat to Rogers?

It looks like the folks at UBS Warburg don't think that much of Bell Canada's VDSL push into the apartment building and condo market in Toronto. In a new research report, UBS estimates that Rogers will lose just 6,000 customers … Continue reading

China's Telecom Market

CIBC World Markets analyst Steve Kamman got some insight into China's telecom market after meeting with Jia-Bin Duh, the head of Cisco China. Apparently, Cisco's feeling pretty bullish about China and looking for faster-than-market growth. Mind you, Nortel Networks was … Continue reading

Telecom's Downward Spiral

I may be wrong but it seems increasingly apparent that the telecommunications industry is poised to go through another painful and destructive evolution. All the hype about Internet telephony – otherwise known as VOIP – has conveniently obscured the fact … Continue reading