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Local Competition in Canada

So how do you gauge the success of Call-Net Enterprises Inc. in the local telephony market? The company added about 34,000 new customers in the third-quarter, which brings its subscriber base to about 370,000. It's not a bad number but … Continue reading

Wireless Porn

Looks like the telecom carriers in their search for new revenue sources are looking to jump on the porn bandwagon. In a new report, the Yankee Group suggests that revenue from “adult content” will climb to US$90-million in the U.S. … Continue reading

Wireless TV

I'm into new technology as the next guy and willing to concede there are all kinds of tech toys destined to be popular that I would never find useful. One of these items may be a wireless phone that can … Continue reading

Is Telecom Doomed?

This may be an extreme position but a fundamental part of the telecommunications industry appears to be doomed. The culprit is Internet-based technology, otherwise known as IP, used to send bits of information along high-speed networks. While IP technology will … Continue reading

Motorola: Good News, Bad News

Motorola Inc. may have taken the air out of the telecom equipment industry's recovery hopes when it talked about slower growth in the fourth-quarter – after posting slightly better-than-expected third-quarter profits and a 26% sales increase. The company said it … Continue reading

Rogers Discount Telephony Pricing

Rogers unveiled a new long-distance service that provides consumers with 5 cents/minute prices if you subscribe to at least two other services. The interesting part of the discount LD offer is the stuff in the background. First, it talks to … Continue reading