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What's What in VOIP

The New York Times' Thomas Fitzgerald weighs in on VOIP with a lengthy article on the basics of the service and who's it. For people who closely follow the industry, there is nothing eye-opening here but it does offer a … Continue reading

AT&T Hikes Prices

With little happening in the business world – other than the same-old, same-old post-Xmas shopping frenzy – AT&T quietly unveiled higher prices for its CallVantage service. According to, AT&T is rolling out CallVantage Plus, which will provide nine additional … Continue reading

Economics of VOIP

In response to a comment about VOIP being a US$450-billion “black hole” for global carriers due to increase competition, it is important to remember there cannot be a completely “free ride” for the technology. As VOIP becomes more widespread, competition … Continue reading

Wireless Data Surging

With the wireless carriers' emphasis – some would say obsession – with ARPU, the growth of the wireless data market is proving to be a huge boost to the industry. According to the Yankee Group, there were nearly 47 million … Continue reading

VOIP: A Black Hole?

VOIP has been described as a lot of things, but is it a “black hole”? According to Nadahl Shocair, CEO with DeTeWe UK, it's exactly that because it was will “take away” 30% to 40% of the US$450-billion of cash … Continue reading

Xmas List

With 2004 coming to an end, I've been thinking about some of the things I'd like to see under the “tree” by next Christmas. In no particular order: 1. Vonage's IPO: Let's really get a handle on whether Jeffrey Citron's … Continue reading