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Nortel's Filing Games

Technically, Nortel started to file its 2003 annual report with the Securities & Exchange Commission. That said, there is something not-quite-right about how and when it went about doing it. A month ago, Nortel said it would “commence” to file … Continue reading

Nortel's 10K Out Today

Nortel is 'threatening” to release its 10-K with the Securities & Exchange Commission after the markets close today. A friend of mine, Tyler Hamilton, wrote an extensive story today in the Toronto Star about what's next for the troubled company. … Continue reading

Cable VOIP

In-Stat has published some interesting research today about cable VOIP. In particular, it contends that of the 11.8 million global cable telephony subscribers, more than 95% are using circuit-switch technology. A good example in Halifax-based Eastlink Communications, Canada's seventh-largest cableco … Continue reading

Goodbye IE!

It took awhile but I've finally kicked the IE habit, and become a full-time user of Firefox. The big sticking point for me was how to incorporate a password manager into Firefox. While Firefox's password tool is alright, it pales … Continue reading

How Big is the VOIP Market?

In North America, there are about one miillion residential customers using Internet telephony – based on estimates from several consulting firms. The question is how many service providers are there? I've seen estimates of more than 400, but there's no … Continue reading

No Profits for Vonage in '05?

If you get a chance, check out LightReading's R. Scott Raynowich's predictions for 2005, which offer a broad take on what could lie ahead for the telecom sector. Among Scott's most intriguing ideas is his belief Vonage will not post … Continue reading