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How Much Should Startups Spend on Marketing?

(Note: New blog posts about startup marketing can be found on my ME Consulting Website.) How much should startups spend on marketing? It’s a difficult to answer question to answer because many startups think that anything spent on marketing is … Continue reading

How to be David When There’s a Goliath

For most startups, being to market first with a new idea or service is a rarity and luxury. For everyone else, the market is usually dominated by one or two players, even if the market is still in the early … Continue reading

mesh: Canada’s Digital Conference

Seven years ago, I got together with some friends on a cold February night to talk about how the Web was starting to change how we lived, worked and played. In a fit of madness, we decided to organize mesh, … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups (April 28, 2013)

In the newest edition of “This Week in Canadian Startups”, we kick things off with Kik raising $19.5-million to drive the growth of its mobile messaging business. The newsletter also includes blog posts and articles on when to sell your … Continue reading

Why Toronto is the Best City for B2B Startups

Without patting ourselves on the back too much, Toronto is starting to emerge as one of the world’s leading and most vibrant startup communities. In particular, Toronto has become one of the best places to launch a B2B startup. ┬áIf … Continue reading

Startup CEO = PR Pro

At a recent event, I was talking with a startup CEO about the success of some mobile apps he had developed. “So, what’s the secret?,” I asked. “Great coverage from blogs and the media,” he said. “How do get them … Continue reading