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I'm the principle with ME Consulting, which provides strategic and marketing services to startups and entrepreneurs. This includes strategic and tactics plans, core messaging, brand positioning and content planning and creation.

The High, High Hopes for Google+

So it’s been a little more than a week since Google+ launched, and the enthusiasm has been palpable. Google bubbles there will be 10 million Google+ users by tomorrow, which will no doubt see many cases of Mo√ęt and Chandon … Continue reading

How to Compete With Big-Time Tech Blogs

In a word: don’t. Going head to head with major tech blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and GigaOm is a fools’ game. They have too many people at their beck and call, they pump out way to much content, … Continue reading

A Recap of My Blogging Week

There was lots going on this week so lots of inspiration for blog posts. Here’s a recap of my writing: – Why Some People Should be Twitter-Free – Don’t Abandon Your Blog for Tumblr – What Does 10,000 Tweets Mean? … Continue reading

Why Wasn’t BackType Funded in Canada?

For those of us who work in the Canadian social media and startup circles, there was some celebrating earlier this week when BackType announced it had been sold to Twitter. Lots of credits goes to founders Christopher Golda and Mike … Continue reading

HootSuite: Canada’s Biggest Web Success Story?

You know what’s strange about Hootsuite’s success? It’s how muted the enthusiasm has been in Canada. Sure, a lot of people recognize that Hootsuite is a leading service to use Twitter and other social media services but it’s not like … Continue reading

What Does 10,000 Tweets Mean?

I’m not sure how this ranks in terms of an “accomplishment” but I recently posted my 10,000th tweet on Twitter. That works out to about eight tweets/day. If a tweet takes a minute to create, I’ve spent 160 hours creating … Continue reading