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I'm the principle with ME Consulting, which provides strategic and marketing services to startups and entrepreneurs. This includes strategic and tactics plans, core messaging, brand positioning and content planning and creation.

The Power of StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon may not get a lot of attention but there’s no doubt about the key role it is playing in driving Web site traffic. According to StatCounter, StumbleUpon was the biggest traffic driver among social media Web sites in the … Continue reading

Diving Into the World of Dial-Up….Again

When I started using the Internet in 1995, there was no high-speed access, which probably strikes many people as difficult to believe. Instead, there was dial-up access in all of its 28K or 56K glory. It delivered the Web in … Continue reading

What’s Next for RIM Other Than Not Surrendering?

Amid the debacle of Nortel Networks’ slide into a telecom has-been, the most shameful chapter was that CEO Mike Zafirovski and the board conceded defeat rather than using bankruptcy protection to remake the company into a smaller and viable telecom … Continue reading

The Importance of Stupidly Simple Web Sites

When it comes to Web site design, there is one important rule to remember: Keep it simple, stupid. While simple may seem unsophisticated, uninteresting or frill-free, it is also an approach that drives a Web site’s accessibility, usability and effectiveness. … Continue reading

If Users Want to Pay, Let Them

While on vacation in Quebec this week, we stopped a campsite at a national park had featured wonderful showers.(Note: When you’re camping, any shower is wonderful!). So it was with some excitement I headed towards them with a vision of … Continue reading

The Dangers of Loving Google Too Much

With the launch of Google+, there’s yet another reason for people to embed themselves even deeper within the Google empire. The availability of free services that work well have been an irresistible and subtle attraction and, arguably, seduction for many … Continue reading