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I'm the principle with ME Consulting, which provides strategic and marketing services to startups and entrepreneurs. This includes strategic and tactics plans, core messaging, brand positioning and content planning and creation.

Startups: Easy to Launch, Hard to be Successful

What if you create an e-commerce service that is beautiful but no one buys anything? It was a scenario highlighted by the Toronto Star in a story about Wondereur, which launched an iPad magazine that features photos of art, as … Continue reading Aims to Help Startups Excel

Seven months after launching StartupPlays to provide step-by-step “recipes” for entrepreneurs to run their businesses, Mercury Grove has unveiled a new low-cost marketplace called that will let people create customized online guides featuring best practices to everything from hiring … Continue reading

Five Signs a Startup is Ready for Marketing

To many startups, marketing is a “necessary evil”. It is something they embrace after recognizing the time has come to tell their story to a wider audience, or do a better job of putting the spotlight on what they are … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups

Just an FYI that “This Week in Canadian Startups” has become a weekly newsletter rather than a blog post. Here’s where you can subscribe to receive a summary of Canadian start-up news, as well as interesting blog posts and articles … Continue reading

Five Digital Resolutions for 2012

I’m not a huge proponent of New Year’s resolutions but figured they offer a good opportunity to create a public list of digital goals for 2012. 1. Adopt a smarter and more productive approach to social media, which will hopefully … Continue reading

Encouraging Signs for Canada’s Startup Ecosystem

As a huge proponent and supporter of Canada’s technology and startup communities, I’m always looking for encouraging developments. This week, there has been two positive announcements: MaRS unveiling MaRS Common, a new workspace for startups, and Extreme Venture Partner pulling … Continue reading