Don’t Drop the Post-Acquisition Marketing Ball

Marketing-Strategy_minStartups work so hard to acquire customers that it’s always surprising and troubling that so many of them drop the marketing ball after winning the initial battle.

Here’s the way it usually works: A startup will have an interesting product with clear benefits, solid messaging, and value propositions, and engaged marketing and sales efforts.

It’s a good enough mix that it attracts customers willing to take a chance doing business with a company that has a short track record and/or minimal brand awareness.

The problem startups once the customer says “yes”. Rather than really closing the deal and making sure they’ve been able to embrace and get started with the product, too many startups do little or nothing. Instead, they think the game is over when, in fact, it has just begun.

Many startups, for example, will deliver confirmation emails that have little other than a short welcome message and someone’s username. There’s no sizzle, no guidance, no instructions on what to do next…and, frankly, no love.

Mistake. Big mistake.

The reality is attracting a customer is only part of the marketing and sales battle. Once a customer signs up, the marketing and sales efforts needs to continue through the entire life-cycle. Through email, social media, newsletters and customer service, a startup needs to nurture, support and embrace its customers.

A startup needs to show the customer how much their business is valued, encourage them to check out new features, highlight the benefits, treat them like a member of the family, and always be marketing and selling in ways that are relevant and interesting.

By keeping the marketing and sales engine going after the customer climbs on board, it’s not only a good way to create loyal customers but happy customers can turn into your best marketing and sales team.

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