mesh: Canada’s Digital Conference

mesh startupsSeven years ago, I got together with some friends on a cold February night to talk about how the Web was starting to change how we lived, worked and played. In a fit of madness, we decided to organize mesh, which has become Canada’s leading digital conference.

The latest chapter of mesh happens on May 15 & 16 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto. In many respects, this year’s speakers and topic ranks among the best we’ve had. The biggest reason is there’s a great mix of speakers who will discuss how the Web continues to be a disruptive and innovative force, and panels and workshops designed to educate and upgrade your skills so you can work better or differently.

Whether you want to be inspired or informed, mesh delivers.

We kick things off with keynotes by Treehouse’s Ryan Carson, who will talk about education is being delivered and consumed, and the Nieman Journalism Labs’ Josh Benton on how evolution of media. Then, we’ll get into sessions on the Web’s impact on books,  brain fitness, design, politics and television.

On day two, JP Rangaswami (’s chief scientist) will discuss how the Web is changing how we work, and Kyle Munsun will talk about the rise of brand journalism. After that, we’ll have panels looking at the future of money, travel and HR, as well  as workshops on content marketing, social media optimization and digital advertising.

On day two, we also have a mini-startup stream featuring a panel of entrepreneurs talking about the YCominbator program, and a panel of VCs looking at the financing landscape.

While I’m biased, mesh is a great opportunity to expand your horizon and get insight about the specific things that impact your personal and professional lives. In some respects, mesh is like going to a buffet as opposed to having a big helping of one dish.

This combination makes mesh different from most other digital conferences. At the same, time, it is also mesh’s strengths. Another thing that makes mesh so good is the networking opportunities. Unlike other conferences, mesh attracts people from a variety of sectors, which provides the opportunities for different and new perspectives.

Given how many business are operating lean and mean, going to mesh can seem like a bit of a luxury but it’s an investment with a terrific ROI.

A pre-registration ticket for mesh is $579. If you can only escape the office for one day, we have single-day tickets for $399. To learn more about the speakers and topics, here’s the schedule.

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