Free Ebook: 118 of the Leading Digital Marketing Tools

Over the past few months, I compiled a list of interesting digital marketing tools. Some of them I’ve used, while others were highly recommended or simply looked good.

To create an e-book, I used PowerPoint, and then converted it to a PDF that I shared on Dropbox. It was functional but had no frills or good usability.

Fortunately, the fine folks from Uberflip (which turn PDFs into flipbooks) came to the rescue by creating an e-book that not only looks great but makes the e-book, well, a real e-book.

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  • Private Equity_ca

    Mark, thanks for the e-book and the efforts you have put into compiling a comprehensive list of digital marketing tools. It is a must read for all interested in digital marketing.

  • Vin

    Thanks. Some other useful internet marketing tools