The Evolving Nature of Startup Messaging

When I do messaging projects with startups, it is a process that takes engagement, time and, often, patience. At the end of the day, the goal is coming up with messaging that connects with target audiences because it meets their needs, interests and goals.

When a project comes to a conclusion, many startups believe they have nailed it so their messaging doesn’t have to be touched again – probably because they don’t want to go through the process again.

The reality, however, is startup messaging never really ends.

Instead, it continues to evolve and change as the startup, its customers and the competitive landscape evolves and changes.

It means even the best startup messaging may have a relatively short shelf life because it works at a certain period of time. At some point, startups need to recognize the landscape has shifted so their messaging has to be refreshed, tweaked or even overhauled.

In many respects, it’s like doing renovations on a house. After spending the money and time to get a project completed, it is understandable that a homeowner is unwilling to spend any more money. But houses, like messaging, never stop needing upgrades and improvements – be a coat of paint, repairs or major renovations.

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