When Should Startups Pull the Trigger on PR?

Is there a right time for a startup to embrace public relations?

Does outreach to reporter and bloggers hinge on an event such as a product launch, financing, key hire, partnership or milestone?

spotlightIn theory, it makes sense to wrap PR around something newsworthy but I’m beginning to think this isn’t the right approach for every startup.

While it’s good to have “news” for reporters and bloggers to write about, the best time for a startup to do PR is when the startup is ready. How is “ready” defined? It has a lot to do with a startup not only having a good story to tell but having a solid enough footing that is can handle the spotlight.

Here’s an example. A company may have launched a new product but it’s a little buggy, not completely baked, lacking a few key features, or lacks more than a handful of users. In this case, it makes sense for the startup to hold off on PR until the product has more time to develop and gain a little more traction.

Some people might suggest doing PR weeks or months after a product has launched doesn’t make much sense because the product is no longer new. But I would argue a startup has the right to decide when it “officially” wants to launch its product, and tell the world about it.

The bottom line is there’s no hard and fast rule that PR needs to happen at a certain juncture.

Instead, startups should pull the trigger on PR when the time is right…for them.

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  • Cindy Kelly

    With you. PR isn’t just for “events,” as you say. When is when you need it. Can you? If you can find something connective, provocative, yes, you bet your boots. Let’s face it; most PR is meant to be catalytic. Think about what you’re trying to drive, the story you’re sharing, and are you in shape when the curtain open to showcase that. You just don’t get as many runs at this as you might think…