Snapshot of a Venture Capital Deal: Method

MethodLogoWho: Method, a Toronto-based startup that offers a CRM for QuickBooks users.

How much: $3-million from Klass Capital.

The Quote: “Small business wants to be agile but are encumbered by many fragmented systems,” Our new platform will offer complete head-to-toe customization, as well as deep integration into any SMB’s existing accounting software.

We have a different story from the stereotypical tech startup. We’re a few years in now, but up until this raise, we had no outside investors. I was fortunate enough to have built and sold a previous software company, so I kicked in the cash to get us started. Having done this before, I have a good idea of what it takes to be successful and we focused on two things: identifying our customers’ pain points and creating the best possible solutions for their needs.”” - Method CEO and founder Paul Jackson.

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