For Startups, First Impressions Are Everything

First impressions are everything, particularly when a startup is launching a new product or service.

In a multi-tasking, ADD world, you only get one shot to make a good first impression.

Whether it’s an email, the design of your Website, media/blogger outreach, a video, media/blogger outreach or marketing collateral,  a solid first impression helps to establish the tone for the relationships you want to build with potential customers or users.

The harsh reality is if a product launch is rough around the edges or less than polished, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

How come?

First impressions are crucial. Consumers are fast-moving, fickle and, frankly, lazy so you need to capture their attention and deliver the right messaging from the beginning. If you give them a reason to think twice or pause – something I describe as “grit” – you might as well kiss them goodbye.

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  • Stéphane

    I can agree that in this example the video could be of better quality. However, being perfectionist might not be a good idea, especially when bootstrapping. In my experience, I prefer get something online quickly and start collecting feedback (and money) than wait for something to be perfect.

    You know, 2 years ago, our company website was, well, created by IT people with the design quality you can imagine. That didn’t stop clients from buying from us. I was the first to be surprised because I honestly found our design crappy. But still, the fact that there was demand for it somehow validated the project.

    However, I’m sure we lost clients during this stage because of the design that was not appealing. That why, 2 years later, we have hired a designer to do things right!

    • Mark Evans

      Thanks for the insight. In this case, I just think launching a TV program should, at the very least, having half-decent sound given the equipment is not that expensive.


      • Gloria Roheim McRae

        Mark, opinions vary on this one. Not the classiest act to dog your industry colleagues (in the same city particularly). To each their own. Best wishes from Wedge15, just the same.

        • MK

          I agree with Mark on this. Wedge15 seems great but the “first” impression, when I watch the video, could be even better :-). It is a simple constructive point that you could consider for the future.

    • Gloria Roheim McRae

      Stephane, we couldn’t agree more. While we have produced a wide range of video work, from documentary films for foreign governments to brand reels for local clients (see our Wedge15 Portfolio page for clear examples) Wedge15TV is a free video resource to support entrepreneurs with advise that has worked for our clients. It’s about the content, not the production value in this case …. to your point, often better done and launched than perfect. Everyone from Seth Godin to Gary Vaynerchuk would agree. But to each their own. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  • Dux

    Yes first impressions count. I’ve never heard of you Mark – but supposedly being one to support the entrepreneur community in Toronto and then slamming these two for their efforts – my first impression of you is that you are an absolute douchebag.