Blogging in 2012: Less = More

bloggingLooking back, it seems hard to believe but I used to blog six or seven days a week. As a former reporter, it was pretty easy to generate posts, but sometimes it felt like a chore as opposed to a joy.

As my startup marketing consulting business got busier in 2012, some things had to give. One of them was blogging. It made no sense to stop blogging as it’s one of the best marketing tools in my arsenal, but I decided to blog less: two to three/week.

At first, it felt strange. Then, it felt liberating to not have to feed the beast as much.

Instead, I wrote posts that, hopefully, had more substance and value. How often to blog is an interesting proposition because there are no limits on the number of posts. Some people love writing every day, while others are content to write once a week or, like entrepreneur Paul Graham, once a month. It really comes down to what feels right for what you want to achieve.

Looking back, the top-1o posts for 2012 were:

1. Hot Canadian Startups: A look at the “hottest” 108 startups, and the leading VCs.

2. The Canadian Venture Capital Landscape: An infographic that showed the leading players in each investment category.

3. 10 Common Mistakes Made by Startups: A look at the biggest things that undermine a startup.

4. Five Mistakes Made by Startups: Clearly, mistakes were a big theme. :)

5. Canada’s Tech Sector is Thriving, Not Struggling: A rebuttal to a feature story  in the Globe & Mail.

6. Five Reasons Why GoInstant is a Big Deal: Some thoughts on’s purchase of GoInstant.

7. The Power of the Elevator Pitch: Why having a compelling elevator pitch is a no-brainer.

8. Too Many Startup Ideas: Some thoughts on whether some startups are more features than businesses.

9. A Q&A with Howard Gwin: An interview with OMERS Ventures’ Howard Gwin on the Desire2Learn deal and the Canadian VC landscape.

10. What Makes a Startup Disruptive? A look at a term that is regularly tossed about.

More: Some of the startup blogs that I read on a regular basis include:

- Instigator Blog (Ben Yoskovitz)

- StartupCFO (Mark MacLeod)

- Rocket Watcher (April Dunford)

- Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster)

- Version One Ventures (Boris Wertz)

- Startup North (David Crow)

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