Are You Telling Good Stories?

While content may be king, they only work well if there are good stories to tell.

It’s a theme I’ve been emphasizing to clients when they start to think about how they can jump-start their marketing efforts. Whether it’s a Website, video, white paper, case study, blog, media/blogger pitch or presentation, a good story is the foundation that will determine if target audiences are engaged.

If you’re a startup, think about your story. Ask yourself (and be honest!) if anyone would be interested in your story. It doesn’t matter if you have a new and hip online service or you’re selling widgets, a good story has huge appeal and benefits.

Here’s a presentation I recently did at a conference organized by Infopresse in Montreal about the history of storytelling, why it’s important and how to create and tell stories. If you’re looking for help with storytelling, contact me.

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