Snapshot of a VC Deal: LeadSift

leadsiftWho: Halifax-based LeadSift, which analyzes social media data in real-time to create qualified and targeted sales leads. The service will launch soon.

How much: $500,000 from OMERS Ventures for product development, sales, marketing and hiring.

The quote: “There’s a vast amount of valuable data available on social media, but until now businesses haven’t had an effective way to translate this information into actual sales leads. Our online tool enables deep and real-time data analysis, generating a constant stream of high-quality leads and letting businesses instantaneously reach out to and engage with customers. Partnering with OMERS Ventures will allow us to continue to ready our product for commercialization, and lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.” - Tapajyoti Das, LeadSift’s president and CEO.

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