Can Cindy Gallop Makes Sex Startups Sexy?

cindy gallopWhen it comes to how the Internet has evolved over the past 15 to 20 years, most people tend to ignore or don’t know how sex and porn has fuelled its development – be it video, e-commerce or online payments.

But as the Web has evolved into a social and sharing medium, sex has stayed in the background, seemingly too personal, salacious or unsavoury to be part of the everyday digital conversation.

Cindy Gallop wants to change all this with her recently launched startup, Make Love, Not Porn, which has the tagline: pro-sex, pro-porn, pro knowing the difference.

A provocateur and entrepreneur, Gallop wants to build “The Etsy of Sexy – a cottage industry to what comes naturally.”

 “I want to socialize sex,” she said during a presentation at the Web Summit conference in Dublin. “I would like to make reach-world sex socially acceptable and, as a result, socially sharable as anything else we share on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.”

Make Love, Not Porn has an interesting proposition: It wants people to submit videos of themselves having sex. These videos can be rented for three weeks for $5 – with half of the revenue going to the video makers.

Not surprisingly, Gallop has run into a number of big obstacles. It took her two years to raise capital, and her company can’t get access to the major online payment systems.

“I am furiously interested in the future of money,” she said. “I have to tell you whatever you are building, the future of money and payment changes everything, including the ability to design totally creative new business models. Whatever you are doing, look at aligning it and collaborating with the guys and girls building the future of money.”

There are clearly many questions and challenges facing Make Love, Not Porn, among them whether people will actually upload videos of themselves having sex. If anything, the company is putting online sexy in the spotlight as a startup, social, business and investment proposition.

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  • Maxx-Phillippe

    I have no doubt people will upload videos/pictures of themselves. But will they pay for content when it is freely available at literally thousands of sites?

    • Mark Evans

      I agree there are people who will share their sexual experiences but is there a market to watch others? I’m not sure.

  • cgtheoret

    She will have stiff competition from sites like AdultFriendFinder which have bascialy this functionality behind a pay wall…