Snapshot of a VC Deal: Crowdbase

crowdbaseWho: Quebec City-based Crowdbase, which is building a “social knowledge platform” that helps people and teams to get “better answers and discover new things”.

How much: $650,000 in seed financing from Real Ventures, iNovia Capital and Martin-Luc Archambault  to accelerate product development and expand its team.

The Quote: “Businesses today are still sharing information using e-mails and status updates. Because of the quantity and speed at which information arrives, it is extremely difficult for people to know what in fact is even relevant. With this increasing amount of unstructured information, critical knowledge is eventually lost. Businesses are struggling to keep up with this new reality and are seeking an effective means to more efficiently share meaningful knowledge within an organization. This is the exact challenge Crowdbase is addressing with its new social knowledge platform.” - Albert Dang-Vu, Crowdbase’s CEO.


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