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startupsSeven months after launching StartupPlays to provide step-by-step “recipes” for entrepreneurs to run their businesses, Mercury Grove has unveiled a new low-cost marketplace called that will let people create customized online guides featuring best practices to everything from hiring staff to managing a Facebook Page.

I asked Scott Annan, Mercury Grove’s founder and CEO, about Accelio’s launch.

How is StartupPlays doing?

StartupPlays is doing very well. We launched the site seven months ago, and since our launch, we have sold over 5,000 “plays”. During this time, we have made significant improvements in the format, the marketing of the content, and the engagement with users. Today, the feedback from users has been extremely positive as startups find the “plays” easy to follow and a huge time-saver for developing programs and processes that are market

So, what’s the impetus for was always our long-term goal. We envision as the “kindle for step-by-step guides”. We used StartupPlays as our market test because we understand the startup space, there are many early adopters, and there is an emphasis on speed of execution. Ultimately, StartupPlays will be a vertical marketplace that “runs on” and we will be launching dozens more marketplaces in other verticals and geographies over the coming months. But accel.iowill be the main platform for consuming the content.

Given you’re tapped into the startup scene, what’s your take on the landscape these days?

The startup landscape is an exciting place. There is so much opportunity to add real value leveraging networks that never existed (Facebook, mobile, game consoles) and big problems that – for the first time in history – a small startup can legitimately tackle (energy, social issues, education). I know there is an appetite bred by investors for mega-billion companies, but I think the reality is that the long-tail, globalization, and individual empowerment fuelled by technology and communication is signalling a fundamental shift away from large corporations and centralized bureaucracy. In short, the skills you learn building a startup will become survival skills in the next few decades.

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