Snapshot of a Startup Financing: AppHero

Who: AppHero, a Toronto-based startup developing an intelligent social recommendation platform for mobile applications.

How much: $1.3 million in seed financing from OMERS Ventures, Golden Venture Partners and ENIAC Ventures along with top angels and seed funds. An additional $500,000 will be coming from other sources.

The quote:¬†“Consumers have been paralyzed by the sheer volume of apps, and often miss out on the ones that are truly best for them. We have focused on building an innovative recommendation platform with a simple user experience to match users with apps they will love. This new funding allows us to continue growing our team to make our social recommendation platform more intelligent and expand to other verticals.”
- Jordan Satok, AppHero founder and CEO, who also runs the popular “App of the Day” Website.

(Source: press release)

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