Want to Do a Startup? Trust You Gut

startupsAt a mesh conference roundtable recently, one of the attendees asked the entrepreneurs how to know whether a startup idea was worth pursuing.

The answer that resonated with me was “trust you gut”. If something deep down tells you the idea has merit or potential, it may have as much credence as doing market research.

While trusting your gut is completely unscientific, it encompasses two crucial ingredients for startup success: passion and commitment. Without either one, you can have the  best idea and strategic plan but it may not fly without an entrepreneur driving it.

Many startup ideas get off the ground because someone has an entrepreneurial itch that needs to be scratched, they have been inspired by an idea, or they encounter a problem that needs to be solved. They may not have done much research but their gut tells them it’s something worth embracing.

Trust your gut gets you into the startup game. It provides the push needed to go after a dream or an opportunity that seems irresistible. It pushes you out of the corporate cubicle, and into the basement or cafe. It can make dreams come true.

Of course, trusting your gut can only get you so far. Startups live or die based on their ability to executive strategically and tactically, but that’s a story for another day.

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