This Week in Canadian Startups

canadian startupsAnother week, another flurry of startup activity and news. There was so much good material, my curation skills were tested! I’ve been talking about doing a weekly newsletter, so I’m happy to announce it’s finally launched.  You can sign up for it using a form on the right-hand column or clicking here.

- Do startups need a “huge vision” out of the gate? According to Mark MacLeod, good things usually take time, so there’s no need to rush things.

- Many startups worry about the competition but April Dunford argues the biggest priority should be potential customers.

- Toronto ranks as the fourth-most popular startup ecosystem, according to the Startup Genome Report. I’ve got some thoughts about what it means.

- Looking for tips on how to pitch your startup? Marco Montemagno has 45 tips on how to do it.

- How does a startup attract media coverage? It can be a huge challenge given the competition but OnStartups has some suggestions.

- Putting aside Facebook’s $1-billion purchase of Instagram, here’s a question: are photos apps a business or a hobby?

- On the financing front, Communitech will unveil its $30-million Hyperdrive fund on April 17 to invest in series A startups.

- For Canadian startups looking for money, there is an emphasis on having sales. In the U.S., not so much. Huddlers founder Adam Epstein has some thoughts on this paradox. Meanwhile, I had a post looking at whether Canada is missing the startup “party”.

- What in store over the next five years for the Canadian startup landscape? StartupNorth’s Jevon MacDonald believes it’s time to double-down.

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