This Week in Canadian Startups

canadian startupsA short week but there was so much happening, it seemed to fly by. If you want to share any start-up news or interesting blog posts or articles, leave a comment or send an email to Happy Easter and Passover!

- Mark MacLeod (aka @startupcfo) offers good insight into customer vs. revenue churn for SaaS startups, emphasizing that slicing and dicing your data is a must-do.

- Wes Johnson provides an in-depth rundown on Toronto’s startup scene, putting the spotlight on events, people and investors. I appreciate my inclusion as a “startup marketing mentor”.

- Are you following the “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” principle to usability? Is your Website easy to understand, navigate and use? If not, you better fix this ASAP.

- According to Statistics Canada, the number of entrepreneurs is declining, which runs counter to the entrepreneur renaissance that seems to be happening.

- Who are Canada’s most promising tech-startups. According to the Globe & Mail, the list includes WattPad, ScribbleLive (a client), Vitamin Daily, Polar Mobile, HootSuite, A Thinking Ape, W Media Ventures, Tiny Speck and Summify (which was snapped up by Twitter). Who would you add to this list?

- When do you launch a startup? At what point is your baby ready for prime time? Vinicius Vicanti¬†has some thoughts on how Yipit “fooled itself” in delaying its launch.

- In a fast-paced world, you only get one shot to sign someone up for your service so your registration form better be quick and simple. Here’s why.

- In last week’s budget, the Conservative government announced it will be investing a much-needed $500-million in venture capital activities, making it Canada’s hottest VC.

- While the Canadian government’s decision to kill the penny got a lot of attention, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled MintChip, which is digital currency that Fast Company described as Canada’s version of BitCoin.

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