This Week in Canadian Startups

canadian startupsWith March Break happening, it seemed like the Canadian startup world geared back just a little but there was still lots of news, as well as a steady flow of interesting blog posts and articles from the startup world.

- Do startups need full-time employees? Sure, but there are positions that can be filled on a part-time basis. Mark MacLeod offers some insight into why it can make sense. This post resonated with me given my consulting business often sees me become the part-time director or VP, marketing for startups.

- Calgary is apparently Canada’s startup capital based on per capita entrepreneurs. But like many Canadian cities, there is a lack of venture capital to support the community, according to TechVibes.

- I’ve been slogging my way through Eric Ries’ “The Lean Startup”, which is all the rage in the startup world. Ries’ thesis makes a lot of sense but there are parts that don’t work for me. In particular, I’m not convinced fickle, multi-tasking users have patience to use a product that has flaws that will be fixed later.

- iNovia’s Chris Arsenault, who I wrote about in my Globe & Mail “Start” column recently, penned a passionate post on Next Montreal that Canada’s startup ecosystem is back and that “We stand on the verge of an era in which Canadian entrepreneurs and investors can carry their domestic strength to the international arena.”

- As much as Canada’s vibrant startup ecosystem is great to see, it is starting to feel frothy. Here are my thoughts.

-, one of the fastest-growing photo-sharing services, announced a major design overall, as well as the launch of a new marketplace in which people can buy or sell photos. I did a quick Q&A with co-founder Evgeny Tchebotarev.

- HootSuite’s Ryan Holmes did a live video chat with YEC and Mashable about his background, HootSuite’s progress, and some of his thoughts on the startup world.

- Are U.S. companies snapping up all the good Canadian startups? Is there a downside? The Ottawa Citizen’s James Berkow talks with entrepreneur Daniel Debow about what’s happening.

- The C100, a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship and investment, celebrated its second anniversary. C100 includes more than 100 members based in Silicon Valley.

- On my column, I put together a list of five things that startups shouldn’t spend their money on.

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