The Week in Startup Land (Edition #2)

After kicking off my weekly look at the Canadian startup landscape last week, here’s edition #2. It features highlights of the Canadian landscape, as well as some other interesting startup-related information and content. Leave a comment if there’s something interesting I should add.

1. Extreme Startups (a rebranded and recapitalized version of ExtremeU) kicked off with $7-million in financing, including a big chunk from BDC, which will be handing out $150,000 in convertible debt financing.

2. Of the posts on MET this week, “You’ve Raised Venture Capital; Now What”, got a lot of attention.

3. Burn Rate vs. Runway - Mark MacLeod (aka Startup CFO) takes a look at the balancing act between spending money and managing it to last awhile.

4. Scars: Jason Cohen has a nice post on how entrepreneurs can succeed by getting advice from other battle-scarred people.

5. Signs You’re Not Building a Minimal Viable Product: With all the talk about lean startups and MVP,¬†Anthony Panazzo offers some good insight into the definition of an MVP and what it involves.

6. Talent for Tech: Recruiting the Right People: A nice talent/recruiting blog package from MaRS on the different aspects of attracting and hiring tech talent.

7. What’s Your Personality Type – Insights for Lean Ventures: Flow Venture’s Ray Luk looks at how the top five personality archetypes fit into the lean startup world.

8. In my Globe & Mail “Start” column, I put the spotlight on Startup Edmonton‘s impending move into a new facility, and the launch of a $450,000 accelerator.

Bonus: We Love Lean has a great post putting the spotlight on 15 tools that “every lean startup can’t live without”. In particular, my attention was caught by Lean Canvas.

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