Bloggers: A Key Part of Startup/VC Ecosystem

As a long-time blogger and someone who does a lot of consulting work with startups, David Crow’s post “Where the Canadian VC Bloggers?” obviously struck a chord for a variety of reasons.

In thinking about David’s post, one thing that came to mind is how bloggers need to be a key part of the Canadian startup and venture capital ecosystem. The apparent lack of Canadian bloggers writing about the venture capital business and the growing number of financing deals puts the spotlight on the fact there may be a gap in the overall ecosystem that needs to filled.

While blogging certainly isn’t sexy any more, bloggers do play an important role in talking about what’s happening, the key trends, the movers and shakers, and putting the spotlight on the leading startups.

It is an important job because, frankly, newspapers do, at best, a mediocre job of covering the venture capital and startup sectors. One of the problems and challenges is most of the Canadian VC deals are not that big, which makes it hard to warrant newspaper coverage. As well, the venture capital sector has been so dismal in recent years that there isn’t a lot to write about, although there are signs of encouragement.

Given the lay of the land, this is where bloggers can step into the fray by supporting the VC and startup ecosystem. This is not to suggest the coverage must be fawning. Instead, there is a need to have strong, vibrant and objective coverage of the VCs, startups and entrepreneurs who are succeeding and failing.

In this way, bloggers can play as key a role as VCs, startups and entrepreneurs in creating a healthy ecosystem that is firing on all cylinders.

One final thought: In no way, am I criticizing or disparaging the bloggers who do write about VCs and startups. Blogs such as StartupNorth and StartupCFO do a great job of providing insight and information. All I’m saying is that, in this case, more is better.

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