The Power of StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon may not get a lot of attention but there’s no doubt about the key role it is playing in driving Web site traffic.

According to StatCounter, StumbleUpon was the biggest traffic driver among social media Web sites in the U.S. in July, supplanting Facebook. But when people think of what generates Web site traffic, StumbleUpon may not come to mind. In many respects, StumbleUpon is the unsung hero of the social media world.

StumbleUpon’s stature may have something to do with its “hiatus” for a couple of years after it was acquired by eBay, a strange deal that made little sense, particularly given eBay subsequently seemed to ignore StumbleUpon. Now that StumbleUpon is an independent entity again, it has regained its mojo.

Nevertheless, it is still surprising to see the power of StumbleUpon in action because you never know when it is going to drive traffic. A good example is yesterday’s post on my reacquaintance with dial-up Internet access while on vacation in rural Prince Edward Island.

StumbleUpon more than doubled the traffic to my blog. Keep in mind, the blog attracts around 500 unique visitors a day so StumbleUpon had a major impact.

The biggest lesson is how there are many services that can be leveraged to drive Web site and blog traffic beyond the obvious ones such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a big, wide social media world in which people discover and get their content using a variety of sources.

For more on StumbleUpon’s traffic magic, check out this GigaOm post.

More: SocialMouths had a good post looking at the quality of referrals from StumbleUpon, including a good point that many StumbleUpon visitors don’t stick around too long because they’re actively looking to discover new content.

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