The Marriage of Social Media and SEO

When Magazines Canada asked me to do a presentation on social media and SEO, my immediate reaction was “Well, that’s interesting and different” because it wasn’t a topic I had explored much.

In doing research for the presentation, which happened earlier today, I realized I had been spending a lot of time on SEO without realizing it. When you boil it down, the creation of content and leveraging social media to distribute it (and get others to distribute content for you) is a pillar of SEO – at least the organic kind.

Content thrives when it’s easy for people to find it. With the major search engines now starting to embrace and index social media activity, there’s a natural marriage happening between social media and SEO.

In doing my research, one thing was stood out was a blog post by Rohn Jay Miller, which included this statement:

“The fabulous collision between social networks and search engines is the most important change to the Internet in the last ten years. And it’s changing the Internet forever.”

Here’s my presentation, which can also be found on SlideShare.

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  • simon

    seems a very cool presentation, can you write a post about what kind of things you consider Goals, and an example of a strategy (would be cool a successful strategy compared with a bad strategy, AND without quoting Sun-Tzu possibly)

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