meshmarketing #2 – Bring it On!

After months of planning, the second edition of meshmarketing happens tomorrow. While I was excited about the initial meshmarketing last year, I’m particularly stoked about this year’s conference.

First and foremost, I think the content is top-notch. We’ve got excellent speakers, great keynotes (Michael Slaby and Marian Salzman) and workshops and a new venue, the Allstream Centre.

Getting back to the content, which has been a pillar of mesh and meshmarketing, we have been fortunate to have reaped the benefits of a beautiful partnership with Trina Boos, who runs the successful AdLounge events. Trina has quarterbacked the programming for meshmarketing with enthusiasm, energy and determination. While last year’s programming was pretty good, Trina has raised the bar in a major way.

So why it meshmarketing different from other digital marketing conferences?

First, we’ve brought in speakers – many of whom have never been to Toronto – to offer real-world insight into creating and running digital marketing campaigns. And while we have two terrific keynotes that will get meshmarketing off to an inspiring and thought-provoking start, the “meat” of meshmarketing is the afternoon of interactive workshops that will provide people not only food for thought but lots of ideas to make things happen.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to a fireside chat with Lee LeFever, who, along with his wife, Sachi, creates the popular CommonCraft videos. Lee and Sachi have made the many of the Web’s new and cool technologies such as social media, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook easily understandable.

As someone who spends a lot of time creating stories and helping companies clearly articulate what they do and why people should care, I have a huge amount of respect for people such as Lee, who can cut to the chase in a user-friendly way.

My thanks to everyone who has purchased tickets at a time when there are lots of different marketing conferences to attend. We hope you enjoy the programming, speakers and, of course, the networking opportunities – something that makes mesh and meshmarketing that much more interesting and valuable.

If you’d like to buy tickets, you can do so here.

One last thing: A big thank you as well to our event planner, Sheri Moore, and her MCC Planners team. mesh and meshmarketing wouldn’t be able to happen without them.

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