Twitter’s New, Fantastic, Super Design?

Judging by the breathless and enthusiastic reaction to Twitter’s new look and feel (aka “A Better Twitter”) you would think that Twitter had reinvented the wheel or discovered slice bread.

In a post that I wrote this on the Sysomos blog, I ask if:

“….the new design for is really that significant or whether it’s simply Twitter making changes to something that was, frankly, utilitarian but far from compelling.”

My take is Twitter really had no choice but to put a fresh coat of paint on given that, frankly, it reeks of bad usability, particularly compared with the growing number of alternatives that Twitter users are embracing.

From what I can tell without having actually seen the new Twitter in action, it looks like a step forward – perhaps not a major step forward but one nonetheless.

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  • Harsh Agrawal

    I’m still waiting to see New twitter design for my Twitter account..
    New designs are live for many users and many users like are in the queue..
    New design is more promising and I’m sure it will increase the no. of users for web interface of official Twitter client..