No iPad Fever? What’s Wrong with You?

I’m not going to opine on the launch of the iPad; there’s more than enough news reports, commentary, tweets, opinions and bubbly bullishness to go around. And then there’s the 700,000 iPads that have been snapped up since Friday.

Instead, I’ll make a short commentary on power of the Apple Aura (the URL is still available). Perhaps more so than even the iPhone, Apple has managed to capture the imagination of just about everyone with the iPad. Even if you’re a Luddite, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to escape the shock and awe of Apple’s much-anticipated iPad launch.

There’s the oh-I-can’t-wait excitement, the media and blogger fawning, and the obligatory and oh-so-passe line-ups in front of Apple stores. Note: Who are these people who line up for hours and days? Haven’t they got anything better to do with their time? What is it about being first other than saying you were first?

Unlike any other consumer products company in the world, Apple has the power to create seismic changes in consumer markets. Whatever Apple and Steve Jobs serve up, the world gobbles up because it’s cool and hip to be seen as part of the Apple wave.

As for whether I would get an iPad, the answer is not yet. I’m not much of a first-generation product purchaser, and I’m not sure if an iPad would be over-kill given I already own a MacBook. Like any digital animal, I’m definitely curious about the iPad but far more impressed with its overwhelmingly positive reception.

For what it’s worth, Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow is one of the few people who has declared his lack of interest in buying an iPad. Everyone else seems to have swallowed the iPad hook, line and sinker.

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  • Matt Rose

    I’ve known Cory since he was doing Interactive CD-ROMs, and he’s right, in that it doesn’t interest him. However, unless you’re Cory, or Stallman (even more purist), I don’t think he’s given *any* valid reasons not to buy one.

  • Loxy

    I’m media and relatively tech-savvy (I mean, I do read your blog). And I have no interest in the iPad.

    My reasoning – it’s a consumption device rather than a creation device. If I’m involved in making stuff for the web – whether it is photo editing, writing on blogs or whatever – it’s not going to be quite up to snuff. In other words, I need a laptop.

    I have little reason to read books on it – I don’t take transit, so the e-book thing doesn’t grab me (side note: I also don’t drive much, I walk). And as a walker, what do I want? My tunes, my phone and the ability to just check the simple internet stuff (email, twitter, facebook). In other words, I need an iPhone.

    For all the things the shiny iPad does, I already have other machines that cover the two ends of the spectrum that I use. The mid-range computing? Leave that to those who just consume the internet.

    • Mark Evans

      I share many of the same reasons for not getting an iPad but I suspect it will meet the digital lifestyles of many people or, most likely, create an entirely new category of computing that is based on consumption than creation.

      Thanks for the comment!


  • Magnus

    The Apple purist’ office setting, with his Macbook and Iphone with-in tapping distance and now the Ipad. To me it just seems rather redundant to have this third device but I’ve never been a lemming.. so I guess I will never understand.

  • Bill Sommers

    It’s interesting, I’ve been a big Apple proponent and fan from the late ’70′s to today, and still a user of Apple Mac products. But the whole dynamic around Apple has changed in the past few years, to the point that it’s almost embarrasing to be seen using an Apple product amongst all the pseudo-techno fanboys out there who seem to have become a mindless cult beyond anything back in the day. Really sad.