Long Live Mobile Tethering!

As a “mobile warrior”, I have a suite of tools that let me work anywhere at any time. One of these tool is wireless tethering that lets me access the Internet by connecting by iPhone with my MacBook. If you have a data plan with Rogers, tethering was a free service.

There was, however, speculation that Rogers was going to start charging for tethering – something that would have been a terrible but not surprising given how wireless carriers like to charge for premium services.

Today, Rogers said today that tethering will now only be available for Rogers and Fido customers who have data plans of 1GB/month or more.

By continuing to provide tethering for people who have large data plans, Rogers is giving its customers the ability to have mobile Internet access without buying a Rocket Stick, which only makes sense if you need mobile access on a regular basis.

If Rogers is looking another good mobile wireless idea, how about letting people stop and start their Rocket Stick service. I’m sure it would be a great way to get three to six months of business from people who need Internet access at the cottage or at the ski chalet, but don’t need it other times of the year.

For more thoughts on Rogers’ new tethering policy, check The Telecom Blog.

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