Apple Tablet: Bestest, Coolest, Greatest Thing Ever!!!!

newtonThe high-tech world goes gaga for new and shiny products. It’s how the industry manages to convince people to purchase things they have already have, things they don’t really need, or things that they’ll probably buy in time.

The marketing mantras include “smaller”, “more powerful”, “mobile”, “better designed”, “faster”, “more capacity” and, of course “more features”. This convinces many people to pay full-price for new products, while getting nothing or pennies on the dollar for their perfectly good old products.

That said, the frenzy of excitement over the Apple Tablet is unreal. In 15 years of writing about the high-tech industry, I’ve never seen the the market froth at the mouth so much. The only comparison I can make is it’s like how teenage girls get when they finally get a brief view of the latest teen heart-throb.

So, it didn’t surprise me this morning to see TechCrunch at the top of Techmeme with the headline that Steve Jobs has apparently been saying that the Apple Tablet “will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”. TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington hasn’t heard these words directly from Jobs but “but we’ve heard it multiple times second and third hand from completely independent sources” so chances are Jobs probably said them….or maybe not.

In any event, the stage is now perfectly set for Jobs to unveil the Apple Tablet (or not) on Wednesday when he makes his annual state of the union/here’s something new and wonderful speech. If Apple does, in fact, unveil the tablet, you should take great care around any Apple stores in the coming weeks because the MacNation will be a rapid state.

If Apple doesn’t launch the tablet, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for Apple. If anything, it will just get the MacNation on more of an alert as they’ll shift their attention to the next possible launch window.

If any event, it’s clear the Apple Table is, in fact, the great thing since sliced bread…or not.

(Note: The photo above Apple’s infamous Newton tablet computer).

More: Mathew Ingram, GigaOm’s freshly-minted writer and part of the mesh gang, has a post about how the launch of the Apple Tablet will likely instigate a fight with Amazon (and its Kindle) for content creators and distributors.

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