Is There Anything Google Won’t Buy or Offer?

According to TechCrunch, Google is looking to buy Yelp for $500-million, a move that would boost Google’s presence in the local search and directory business.

Maybe it’s just me but over the past few months, Google’s strategy to take over the world is becoming more evident. If it’s not acquisitions (60 and counting), it’s new (and free!) services such as Google DNS or the recently-unveiled URL shortening service.

This may sound naive given that capitalism is capitalism but does Google need to own everything and offer every online service? Doesn’t it make sense to leave some scraps for competitors so that there’s still some competition?

Don’t get me wrong, Google offers some terrific (and free!) service but the bigger it gets, the more nervous it makes me because it doesn’t seem healthy to have one super-dominant player – even one that professes to not be evil.

Rather than just talking the talk, I’m going to walk the walk by giving up Google for a week to see what life would be like if Google suddenly disappeared.

More: Boomtown suggests Google could also be interested in moving into the real-estate search market by buying Trulia.

Anyone out there not use any Google services?

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  • Jeremy Campbell

    Good luck not using any Google services for a week Mark. I couldn't imagine a day without Gmail, Google Reader, Google Search, and YouTube. Be sure to write a post on how your experience was, and if a life without Google is even possible.

  • Edward

    Google is a big fan of "copetition" – just look at how Google saved '' Insight to their acquistions and their attempt to 'rule the world' is a bit of a stretch.