What Does 350M Facebook Users Mean?

numbersThere’s lot of buzz today about the fact Facebook now has more than 350 million registered users – more than double in the past year.

It is staggering, ultra-impressive growth but I have a few of questions:

1. Why is all this growth happening? What is it about Facebook now has compelled armies of people from around the world to join? As humans, we want to connect and share but it seems extraordinary that Facebook has emerged as the platform to do it.

2. What does 350 million registered users mean? For Facebook, what does it mean other than having to add a lot more servers on a regular basis? What does it mean in terms of business? Does 350 million registered users suggest Facebook is now a large, lucrative business because having bigger audience makes it even more compelling to advertisers?

As well, what does having 350 million users mean from a bigger picture perspective given all the content being shared, communications happening and applications being used. Is Facebook becoming another Internet or a parallel digital universe.

3. What’s next? With 350 million users and a platform for developers and advertisers/marketers to reach consumers, where does Facebook go from here? When you’ve got 500 million or 1 billion users, what does that let you do?

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