Is Facebook Getting Cool Again?

At BlogWorld Expo earlier this month, I sat in on a panel by Mari Smith, a Facebook evangelist whose enthusiasm is irresistible.

It wasn’t that I had a huge interest in learning more about Facebook because, frankly, I’ve never got the Facebook bug. But someone suggested that Smith did a great presentation so I figured there was little to lose.

Surprisingly, Smith’s tips, particularly about jump-starting Facebook Pages, started to resonate. In fact, I found myself implementing some of her suggestions on my Facebook Page during the presentation.

That got me thinking about whether Facebook deserved another chance. After all, 300 million registered users can’t be wrong, right?

Some more support for Facebook happened last week at the meshmarketing conference in which Facebook Canada’s Elmer Sotto did a workshop focused on 10 ways to get more out of Facebook. It struck me as solid, valuable advice that offered more justification for giving Facebook some more love.

Finally, I saw this Twitter update by social media consultant Jesse Stay:

“I’m beginning to see more and more of the same stuff in Twitter/FriendFeed as I do in Facebook. Thinking of transitioning more to Facebook”.

I found this an interesting comment because Stay is among the digiterai, who have pretty much ignored Facebook while spending a lot of time with Twitter, Friendfeed and their blogs. But if Stay is re-thinking his relationship with Facebook, maybe this is a sign that Facebook is coming back into vogue again.

Not to draw quick conclusions but maybe the pendulum is swinging back towards Facebook. And it could be that Twitter could feel the impact. At a pre-meshmarketing party last week, someone confessed that Twitter had become boring. Her thesis is that because everyone who’s working is working hard, they don’t have the time for Twitter but maybe Facebook is a factor as well.

So, what do you think? Is Facebook winning over the digiterai again?

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  • Jesse Stay

    I don't know about ignoring Facebook – I wrote 2 books on Facebook. I've always been a passionate advocate of Facebook, even more so than Twitter or FriendFeed. I have passion for the other two as well though. I'm just spending even more time there these days than I did even before, especially for professional reasons. Glad to see you're seeing the value though – Facebook is (and always has been) a powerful tool. It is even more so now than before.

  • Rick Mahn

    Interesting take Mark. I've also not been a big Facebook enthusiast, but have noticed there may be more uses for pages, groups, and other items since more & more folks are starting to use FB for business networking. You may be right, or it may simply be folks starting to use both, each for their strengths.