Rejected by Twitter, Facebook Buys Friendfeed

So, the big news within the high-tech world is that Facebook is buying Friendfeed.

I’m happy for Bret Taylor and Friendfeed’s investors but the deal doesn’t excite me that much.

Maybe it has to do with the fact I’ve really, really tried to like Friendfeed but it has never resonated. And as much as I recognize Facebook’s size and utility, I’m not an avid user.

To me, the Facebook-Friendfeed deal is sort of like striking out with the beautiful girl (aka Twitter) so you make the best of the situation by dating her not-as-beautiful friend (aka Friendfeed).

Who knows, maybe Facebook can revive Friendfeed, which has not only seen its growth plateau but start to decline. (See the chart below. That said, I think anyone – such as Mashable’s Adam Ostrow – who thinks this new combination is a Twitter-killer is off the mark.

The integration of Friendfeed into Facebook will enhance Facebook’s features but it’s a niche deal as opposed to a game changer.

More: Mashable has a post on three reasons why Facebook bought Friendfeed. As well, J.D. Lasica posted a video of an interview he did with Friendfeed co-founder Paul Buchheit in 2007 about how Friendfeed was started.

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