Classic (And Evil) Twitter Spam

There’s been so much talk about Twitter spam recently that it’s hard to feel the spammers are trying to take control.

Here’s a classic example of sneaky spam – the kind of spam that is frustrating because it doesn’t come across as spam.

At first glance, it looks legit because who wouldn’t be interested in an evaluation of social media monitoring tools. (Note: In hindsight, the numbers within the username were a dead giveaway for a spammer.)

If you click on the link, it opens this page, an ad for Social Blaster, which is a for-sale tool to manage multiple accounts on a variety of social media networks and sell more stuff.

(No link for you, Social Blaster!)

Spammers like this one are going to ruin the Twitter party is we’re not careful. Maybe it’s time for Twitter is really go after the spammers.

More: If you’re interested in how to reduce Twitter spam, check out this post I did on Twitterrati, which features a variety of services.

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  • Zak

    Agreed, "twammers" seem to be getting worse and more sophisticated, it seems like time Twitter made a real effort to get on top of things.

  • Aaron Bassett

    I actually take great pleasure in reporting every spammer who messages me to @spam (via DM) as well as blocking them.

    I don't normally get a lot, maybe 2 or 3 a week but I wrote a short script to automate it for me. A couple of key strokes and I can report and block the spammer :)

    You can download the script from this post: