What’s In Your Twitter Toolbox?

I love using Twitter but rarely go to because there’s so many useful third-party services that have emerged using Twitter’s API.

Here is is what’s in my Twitter Toolbox:

1. Tweetdeck: By far, the most useful and user-friendly way to use Twitter. Tweetdeck has captured about 20% of the publishing market because it’s an easy way to quickly see what’s happening through the use of multiple columns.

A recent upgrade to Tweetdeck made it possible to post updates on multiple Twitter accounts. It would be great if Tweetdeck also added a way to see multiple accounts.

Others: Tweetie is pretty good, although the UI needs some improvement. I’ve really tried to like Seesmic but it hasn’t stuck so I’ve stayed with Seesmic’s predecessor, Twhirl.

2. Scoopler/Twazzup: When it comes to search, it’s a toss-up between Scoopler and Twazzup. Both services offer not only search but other features such as video, images, top contributors and most popular links.

3. Mr. Tweet: There are lots of ways to find new followers but Mr. Tweet stands out because it provides the most information about the people who you could follow, making it easy to add to expand your Twitter empire.

4. TwitPic: For posting photos to Twitter, TwitPic is, by far, the leading way to do it with more than 1.5 million users.

5. Not only a great way to shorten URL but you can also use it to post updates on Twitter.

6. TwitterFon: A great way to use Twitter on the iPhone. I’m also a fan of Tweetdeck and Reportage.

So, what’s in your Twitter toolbox?

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  • dean collins for keyword search / auto follow and also for direct message broadcast ….. but thats because it's my own program :)

  • Marc Dierens

    After moving from TweetDeck and Seesmic for some time, I have now been using Seesmic for the past few weeks. I am also a fan of MrTweet, use this regularly to identify new folks to follow. TwitPic is also a standard, and I do like TweetDeck for the iPhone

  • cascio

    I love Tweetie on my desktop.

  • rokham

    Thanks a bunch Mark for putting these together. I find them very useful as I'm going through the sites you've posted. Very interesting services around Twitter.

  • Yama

    Thanks for your post! I'm, of course, interested to know why Seesmic Desktop hasn't stuck with you. We try to do our best to listen, learn and adapt, and always look to improve. As you know, we've also released a preview version of Seesmic Web and we're looking to – feel free to email me yama [at] seesmic [dot] com – happy to help and listen.

  • dapshore

    UberTwitter for the BlackBerry. Have also tried Viigo and Twitterberry.

  • Ken Seto

    I use Tweetie, TweetDeck (on desktop & iPhone), and of course TweetCapz ;)

  • Simon Wilby

    I think I am still missing some more tools. Thanks for the reviews. Now I know which of these can fit me on my twittering world.

  • luca filigheddu

    Mark, take a look at the latest version of our, a very powerful Twitter search engine. Here is a presentation to give more information on how it works:

    I'm also looking for testers of a new WordPress Tweefind plugin we are going to release. Drop me a line if interested.