A New Approach to Social Media Analytics

SysomosA few months ago just after launching ME Consulting, I went to visit Nick Koudas, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto, who had started a social media analytics company called Sysomos.

I’d heard some buzz about Sysomos but didn’t really know what to expect so when Nick gave me a short demo, I was extremely impressed. Although I had seen a lot of social media analytic tools and services, I’d never come across anything like Sysomos and its ability to drill down into what was happening on the social media landscape.

It was one of those situations where you want to get involved in some way, so I was fortunate when Nick and his co-founder, Nilesh, asked me to help them.

Over the past few months, there’s been an awful lot of work as Sysomos has relaunched the Web site, prepared marketing and communication collateral, sent Nick traveling around North America and Europe to spread the word, and continued to work on the company’s social media analytics technology.

Today, I’m excited about the official debut of Sysomos and its two flagship products – Media Analysis Platform (MAP) and Heartbeat.

MAP, which Nick showed me a few months ago, is a full-featured social media analytics service that provides all kinds of insight and intelligence into what’s happening with social media (everything from blogs, Twitter, video sites, messages board, forums, social networks and the news), where it’s happening and who’s driving the conversations.

Heartbeat is a cost-effective social media monitoring and measurement tool that provides constantly updated snapshots of social media conversations delivered using a variety of user-friendly and intuitive graphics.

For anyone interested in social media analytics, MAP and Heartbeat are impressive one-two punch that will make an impact in a market attracting a growing amount of attention. There’s plenty of competitive but I really believe Sysomos has created something special.

We’ve created a launch page where you can a lot more information about Sysomos, MAP and Heartbeat, including the press release, a video (see below) that explains Sysomos, and some screen captures.

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