Messages Here, Messages There, Messages Everywhere

If you’re a social media enthusiast, chances are you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and perhaps a few others.

In some respects, all of these services are ways to receive direct messages from people – on top of your e-mail account.

Over the course of a day, you might receive messages from a variety of sources. This means you need to either check each one, or configure each service so that messages get routed to your e-mail in-box.

In any event, things are getting increasingly complicated as platforms try to be all things to all people. At some point, you have to wonder whether the multi-pronged message bombardment will get out of control. You’re standing in the middle trying to deal with messages coming at you here, there and everywhere. So, the question is whether there’s an effective way to handle everything.

The risk is things start to slip through the cracks. A direct message sent to your Twitter account may not receive your immediate attention because you didn’t check Twitter or it got buried within your in-box.

There’s an opportunity for the creation of a multi-platform messaging service that handles everything. Does such a thing exist or does it need to be developed?

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  • Leigh Honeywell

    If there’s one service I wish I could interact with from my email inbox, it’s facebook. I get anywhere from 5-15 messages per day between event invites and personal communications. Sadly, facebook has made it clear that they are a walled garden – remember Robert Scoble’s experience with trying to scrape the contact info from his profile using a script? (He got locked out of his 5000-friend account, if you don’t :( ).


  • Ryan Sullivan

    There is one service that does just that and it’s surprisingly from Yahoo and has a great iPhone interface. It’s called Yahoo! OneConnect:

    It seamlessly links:

    o Bebo®
    o Dopplr™
    o Facebook®
    o Flickr®
    o Friendster®
    o MySpace®
    o Twitter™
    o YouTube™

    See status for everyone on everyservice and push your status to your services at the same time.

    Here is some details from the Pulse function:

    Get the big picture.

    Yahoo! oneConnect is designed to give you current views of friends’ photos, status and profile updates, based on their most recent actions on popular social networks. For example, you could view a contact’s vacation photos in Flickr,® or their up-to-the-minute travel plans from Dopplr™. Or, see your friends tagged in photos from last night’s party on Facebook®, the minute they’re posted.

    You’ll never miss a beat.

    You’ll be able to see the action the minute it happens with the “pulse” view in Yahoo! oneConnect. For instance, you could view the new job posted on LinkedIn®, find out what track your friend loved on last.FM®. See the latest status update posted on MySpace®, with a view of your contacts that keeps you current.

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