Charting a New Course

What makes life so interesting are the twists and turns that take you in new and unexpected directions.

I find myself poised for my next adventure as I’ve left PlanetEye where I had an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the fast-growing world of social media.

It was a business decision and I’m disappointed about moving on but I wish PlanetEye nothing but the best as it tackles the online travel planning market.

I’m excited about the role and potential of social media in this economic climate where companies have do more with less, and I’m looking forward to using my experience and insight to help companies embrace social media strategies and tools.

More on this soon, but if you know of any companies looking for ways to maximize their marketing and brand reach through effective social media channels, let me know at or via Twitter (markevans)

In the meantime, I’ll be spending time with friends and family, and working on meshU and mesh.

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  • Drew

    Best of luck on your next move Mark. Hope you find something that interests you soon. It’s a tough economy but there’s always room for smart moves.

  • Jevon

    Good luck Mark., something will pop up.

  • newmediaMike

    Best of luck Mark. Wherever you land they will be lucky to have you on their team.

  • Shane Schick

    All the best, Mark.

  • Parker

    Good luck, Mark.
    I look forward to hearing what you’ve got planned.

  • Chris Clarke

    Best of luck Mark, enjoy some well-deserved time with family and friends over the holidays.

  • Mark McKay


  • Michael O’Connor Clarke

    Onwards and upwards, Mark. Hope you have a terrific and relaxing Christmas with the family. See you Monday night at HoHoTO – and let’s catch up properly for lunch in the new year.

  • alan lepofsky

    Good luck Mark. I’m going to be in Toronto for a month starting next week. Let’s get lunch and catch up.

  • Shaun Rotman

    Best of luck on your future endeavours Mark. Enjoy your time with the family. Can’t wait until Mesh rolls around!

  • Eric Tang

    Good luck Mark. Enjoy the holiday season. It’ll be a new fresh start in 2009.


  • Mark Evans

    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    While it’s disappointing to have left PlanetEye, I’m excited about new opportunities, particularly social media and how to encourage/convince people to embrace it!


  • Ali Asaria

    Wow, this is a huge opportunity for whomever gets you next!

  • Felipe

    I was looking forward to working with you guys in the future… but you have the right attitude, look at this as an exciting opportunity. I can’t wait to see in what you get involved next. Keep in touch. Good luck!

  • Mark Evans


    Thanks for the kind words.


    I’ll definitely stay in touch.

  • Michael Cayley


    You get social media beyond mortals.

    I am confident that you will land on your feet.

    All the best!

  • Jay Goldman

    Good luck Mark!

    The best people never have trouble finding work, even when the economy sucks. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble :)

  • Connie Crosby

    Best of luck with the change, Mark. I’m thinking you will have no trouble keeping busy. ;-)


  • Jodi Echakowitz

    As “they” say, things always happen for a reason. Onward and upward to another a great adventure! Hopefully I’ll see you at #hohoto :-)

  • magnus

    In this economy the best financial decision a company can make is to hire wisely, Mark you are definitely an asset.

    Enjoy the holidays and time with the Fam, then knock it out the park in 09.

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  • John Philip Green

    So this is PlanetEye downsizing? Not a good sign when they let go of key team members… do you think they are going to make it?