Jump-Starting the iPod Touch

Apparently, there’s now software to turn an iPod Touch into a virtual phone, although it’s not clear about how to incorporate a microphone.

A couple of thoughts: it’s curious that there isn’t more of a hacker culture surrounding the iPod Touch given it’s a smart alternative for people who want the Touch but not the data fees charged by ARPU-loving carriers.

For example, you have to believe there’s strong demand among Touch users for someone to develop a camera – perhaps a peripheral you could attach to the Touch’s input jack. To me, that would make the Touch significantly more useful and interesting.

And while it would be nice to use the Touch as a phone, it’s not something particularly high on my wish list. If I wanted a phone, I’d get a iPhone.

Given Apple has shown little indication to upgrade the Touch with new features such as a camera, there’s a huge opportunity for hackers to fill the void.

The question is why they haven’t emerged yet. Is it a lack of interest given they’re busy creating iPhone apps? Or are they afraid of Apple whacking them for trying to expand the Touch’s functionality?

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  • George

    Truphone isn’t exactly new technology for the iPod Touch – Fring has been doing the exact same thing for a while now, except that it also incorporates IM and Skype functionality.

    The microphone is a bit of a problem, as you note, since Apple didn’t build one into the device. Third-party microphone hacks have been commercially available for about six months now, and the new Apple in-ear headphones that have finally been released include a microphone built into the cable.

  • Paul Vice

    Interesting, I’ve seen some pictures of this microphone setup — Bless the icommunity, where there is a way the community will play