Who’s the Right Buyer for Twitter?

Regular Geek asked a good question: what is the right price for Twitter in wake of Facebook’s reported $500-million offer for the world’s leading microblogging service.

A different – and perhaps better – question is who’s right buyer. For whatever reason, Facebook doesn’t seem like right choice to carry the Twitter to the next level. My fear is once Twitter is within the Facebook fold, whatever je-ne-sais-quoi it had will disappear to the point where Twitter will stop being Twitter.

But the reality is Twitter’s in play. It’s entertaining offers, and waiting for the right deal to come along.

Putting aside price, which the market will determine, who’s the best buyer?

Is is Google, which already has Jaiku, although it doesn’t appear to have done much with Jaiku since it was acquired?

Is it Microsoft, which missed the blogging boat but wants to be a major player in social media?

Is it News Corp.? Rupert Murdoch scored with MySpace so why not take a shot at Twitter?

What about an unorthodox choice, the New York Times, which needs something dramatic to jump-start its online operations?

Who do you think is the best buyer for Twitter.

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  • Rob Diana

    Personally, I like the News Corp idea as they could eventually integrate Twitter with MySpace. I thought about major newspapers like NYT, but I just don’t think they can afford them. I also struggle trying to find benefits for the newspapers.

  • Mark Evans


    It should be fascinating to see what bidders emerge. We may be surprised…or Facebook will simply increase its offer to deal with any valuation concerns Twitter may have. :)

  • Chris Clarke

    Call me crazy, but $500 million sure does sound like a lot of money, especially considering the current economic climate. Twitter has a fraction of # of users compared to MySpace in 2005 for the same price.

    @Twitter: Sell, sell, sell!

  • Adam

    Considering that, years later, MySpace is still plagued with errors and a painful interface, NewsCorp should be avoided at all costs, IMO. I can see Facebook, though, that makes sense to me.

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  • Tony Stubblebine

    Comcast. Twitter could keep being Twitter, but the data could be fed back into targeted advertising on both web and cable.

  • Denis

    Facebook has enough similarity to Twitter with the status updates.

  • omar

    Twitter did not declined the facebook deal becouse it was to low. It was declined becouse 80% was on stock and we all know about facebook shady valuation maybe 500 m in facebook stock is not 500 m in real life. I will prefer twitter to be independent if not news corp and google are my top choices.